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After starting several game projects and inevitably losing interest when progress slowed down after an initial burst of energy, I decided to try a really simple game design. The idea was that if I knew exactly what I was going to do before I actually did it, I would be able to keep my focus and not get lost in feature bloat or get bogged down trying to do a big project on my own.

The result was Amoebic, a very simple puzzle game. There's not much that's interesting about it from a technical standpoint, aside from the procedural background generator I wrote for it.

Basically, the generator consists of three stages: a basis noise generator, a fractal sum operator which sums up different octaves of noise, and a color map operator. By choosing between several different types of basis noise and color maps, as well as randomly varying parameters for the fractal sum, a range of different backgrounds is generated.

Amoebic is downloadable from

Jordan Isaak

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