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I was sitting around last Xmas with nothing much to do, when I remembered this old shoot-em-up I had played on the Atari ST. It was one of the first games I played and it was on a coverdisk of an Atari User issue. That game was Nova.

I decided to convert this addictive shoot-em-up to the PC and brush up my DirectX programming in the process. The game was reverse engineered on a gameplay basis, ie. no disassembly. The excellent ST emulator Steem helped with this. GGN, who is still active in the ST scene, ripped the gfx off the original Nova. Arunan Thaya Paran, who designed and coded the original, gave me his permission to use his graphics. Thanks Arunan ;)

The game was programmed in VC 5, and most of the real time parts were done in assembly. It requires DirectX 7.0 or greater and uses the fmod sound mixing library. Stoned/TiS made the ingame music for this version and helped with various random win32 & DirectX tips. (Sorry about the sfx, couldn't find anything better!)

Download: (340k)

Hope you enjoy Nova.
Kostas Nakos

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