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This is a screenshot of Engine, a particles systems manager, which has been developped by 3 friends and me for a school project. Engine has been developped with OpenGL and SDL, using C++. It is currently available for Windows.

Here are some features :
  • Simple particles systems
  • Advanced particles systems, with billboarding, texturing, collisions
  • Physics ( gravity, electric and magnetic fields, .. )
  • Particles-rendered primitives (cube, torus, cylinder, .. )
  • 3DS Loading and particles-rendering (see other screenshots to understand
  • Texture editor
  • Keyframer, with linear and Bezier interpolations
  • OpenGL GUI
  • More screenshots are available here :
    Web :
    Feel free to contact us for any question. Feedback is welcome !

    Matthieu Dederichs a.k.a. bxw

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