Submitted by Benny Wilson, posted on 27 June 2005

Image Description, by Benny Wilson

This is a screen shot of my very first Software Renderer. It loads and renders MilkShape3D models with .bmp textures.

Software renderers are nothing new so I added per-vertex reflection/refraction mapping to spice it up a bit. Basically, a reflection vector is calculated at each vertex and the texture and UV coordinates are determined during pixel processing. Refraction is done the same way except that vertex normals are shortened to adjust the angle of the reflected vector.

On start-up (w/o moving), I get about 46fps on my P4, 3.0Ghz, 768MB machine. It gets up 60 fps and as low as 20 depending on whats in view. I'd love to know how it performs on your machine and what your specs are.

Future plans are further optimizations plus some bug fixes as some things don't work quite how I'd like.

A demo of this is at:

Benny Wilson

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