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The demoscene group "plastic" demo called "195/95".

The image shows some of the screenshots from "195/95" (party version) and our working environment. Our engine is not so old (about two months) and that's why we implemented just a couple of new effects. And these are:
  • GPU spherical harmonics precalculation
  • fresnel reflection added to reflection mapped HDRI's
  • tons of postprocessing effects
  • For the developers the most interesting part will be the core of the engine. We've designed a similar architecture to what maya uses (just from SDK's), and we added the mechanism that combines the maya DependencyGraph to our dependency graph. So triggering any attribute within maya automatically triggers the coresponding attribute within our "PicoEngine". So actually we have realtime preview of everything we want. There is no other software (except the editing script for cuts and in-betweens) that changes overall look of the scene. So forget about any other tools that you must use after using your modelling/texturing package.

    There is much to do. We want to concentrate more on subdivision surfaces and history modelling. So then we'll replay all the actions that maya does to receive the final model.

    "195/95" was ranked first on Breakpoint 2005 demoscene party.

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