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Finally I got something to show in the IOTD myself. This is a screenshot from my particle editor/system which I just got finished in my sparetime. It's nothing fancy, but it is a nice interface for creating little particle systems and saving them in a file. This is also my first attempt to do windows dialogs with MSVC++6.0. After some searching in MSDN and disturbing people here on flipcode with endless amounts of questions I learned stuff in notime. So.. again with the particles. There are many useful parameters to set and fix to create virtually any kind of a particle system that user wants to. The renderer is based on OpenGL and includes nothing fancy. The actual particle system is located in a separate dll, which the editor loads and just fills a structure for the particle system. This same dll can then be loaded in any other program (including my 3D engine) and the exact same results are achieved than in the editor. I've also written a simple LOD, but the optimizations are still quite few.

If you are interested in getting the editor and using the system in your own projects, see my website at if I'll put them available for download sometime.


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