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These images demonstrate a mesh skinning algorithm, that i developed in the context of a project for the university of Linz, Austria. The algorithm uses a bone hierachy for deforming a low-poly mesh in real time. Each bone has a static transform matrix describing the position of the bone in the skeleton hierachy. You can see the initial values of the bones in the two upper images. The two lower images show the dynamic behavior of the bones (left) and the resulting deformation of the mesh (right). The mesh consits of 162 vertices, skinning weights/indices and texture coordinates are pre-calculated. The dynamic movements of the bones are sine/cosine functions, also key-frame interpolated animations are possible but not implemented at this time. The skeleton contains 17 bones. The rendering is done with Direct3D 8.1, input processing with DirectInput. The D3DXMesh helper functions didn't satisfied me, so i decided to design my own mesh skinning framework.

If anyone wants to know more about this skinning algorithm or check the source code, please contact me by email.

The demo is available here: iotd-06-11-2003_meshskin.rar (413k)


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