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This iotd is about DreamSpace. It's a thesis project Kris and I worked on this year. We wrote a basic 3D engine, editor and a map compiler using the DirectX 8.1 API. This was our first real experience with writing 3D software and we enjoyed it !!!!!.

Some specifications:

- The Editor:
  • a.. Basic modelling with primitives as blocks, spikes...
  • b.. NURBS modelling: Surfaces, Cilinders, Cones, Balls... . (These models are fully editable)
  • c.. Textures are loaded from a zip file using the zlib library ( we've borrowed the textures from urban terror and QIII )
  • d.. Particle systems: we use a small script language to create the particle effects.
  • e.. Light sources: support for point, directional, ambient and spot lights...
  • f.. Auto texture alignment...
  • - The Engine:
  • a.. Based on the QIII level structure.
  • b.. The compiler loads an editor map to create the BSP structure and to do the lightning calculations (ray-tracing) and to convert it into a map compatible with the engine.
  • You can find our website at:

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