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This is a particle fountain generated with a tool i'm working on for the OpenGL projects "Eternal Eclipse" and "Isle Assault". At this moment the particle system is a stand-alone application, but once finished I'll implement all its functionalities in the engines of the mentioned projects.

The main feature of this application, is that particle-emitter and particle-behaviours are completely scriptable using a script file. This permits the programmer to build a lot of particle effect simply realizing a small script that determine how particles interact their selves, and how the emitter creates them.

The main parameters that the programmer can set with the scripter are:
  • Gravity of the environment
  • Viscosity of the environment
  • Direction and speed of the particles
  • Average life time of the particles
  • Range of the life time
  • Coefficient of the gravitiy interaction between the particles
  • Colour and size of the particles
  • Particles generation amount
  • Ciclic/monotone emission
  • Wind simulation
  • Currently i uploaded on my web site some screen shoots and a demo version of the engine with an hard-coded particle model (so no scripting features). The URL of my web site is and the project (with the demo) is described here For any question or discussion please e-mail to:

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