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Project Digital Nature. I've included only 2 pictures, but they illustrate the program capabilities not too badly.

These pictures are rendered on GeForce4-Ti4200, at about speed 100fps.

Here are some features of the rendering engine:
  • Terrain: using high resoultion light-maps (that increases reality, terrains shadows supported), up to 4 texture stages, (for example, 20480m x 20480m with detail level 10m). Larger terrains can be made of segments, this reduces memory & processor overhead, fractal terrain generator, real maps import capability as well.
  • Bump mapping.
  • Dynamical sky, (that means you can set any time in the environment and it will reflect real properties)
  • Clouds, up to 4 levels (not polygons).
  • 3D Terrain plants (trees, plants e t.c), fractal generator of trees which can generate large range of tree types (up to 65000 plants per sector).
  • Water, which includes such effects as: reflection, speculer highlights, transparency.
  • Cliff & snow texture generator, which optimizes using video memory.
  • External 3D objects render supports all the properties of materials (bump mapping, reflection, e t.c) real shadow volumes cast at all objects in scene.
  • The project is developed on VC++6.0, using Direct3D8.

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