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A compilation of screen shots from a car simulator/game i am working on, the engine uses OpenGL and currently only runs in win32, the model cars you see are taken from a version of Quake Rally, i would like to get in contact with the guys that made these models so if you happen to see this drop me a line.

Supports multitexturing, vertex lighting, bump mapping, collision detection, 640x480x16 -> 1280x1024x32 and various other features, currently i am working on a full day night cycle and lightmaps. There is no web page except a link to my own system currently at this will be where i stick screen shots up and maybe eventually some kind of web site. Right now i dont have the time to do a complete web page.

If there is some coders there that are interested in helping me also drop me a mail.

Soon i will be going into a beta phase, so I will be looking for some ppl to help me test it on various other configs. I run p3-500e with GeForce 256 DDR and it runs just great.

Have a great day/night/party


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