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Hello again! This is the third screenshot from my landscape engine, view the previous one at Anyway, it's now textured and lit (better), coming along quite nicely. I'm currently working on a few things at once, including adaptive quadtrees for DLOD (The "Right Thing", IMO), compressed lightmaps (for animated shadows as the earth orbits the sun), a heterogeneous terrain generator (Perlin Noise has been one of the MOST important advancements in the history of fBm terrain generation- not only will it do world geometry for you, but also natural placement of rivers, flora, etc... It's good for water bumps too), and some terrain patch blending. Once this thing becomes (in my eyes) presentable, I will put up a web page, a complete "How I did this" (source, comments, whatever) section, pics, executables, references. To those who asked before, I'm sorry I don't have anything up just yet... I'm neck deep in finals and recovering from my 21st birthday. Web page to come soon. =]

Take it easy,
Charles Nicholson

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