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These are the screenshot of my lastest 3D Engine, the ming Engine.

I start this project after I have read an article called "Binart Space Partioning Trees and Polygon Removal in Real Time 3D Rendering" by Samuel Ranta-Eskola. It is a really nice article and it gave me solid concept of BSP rendering and luckily I finished my BSP code within one week. (am I great? :-)

Then I started to add more feature to my 3D engine and that was lightmap. At frist, I was trying to use radiosity to calculate the lightmap and so I with code a radiosity processer, however I was fail (because it takes too much time for calculating a simple scene) So I turned to ray-traced lightmap, it is simpler to implement and it looks cool~ (you can see it in the screenshots).

After that, I started working on dynamic lighting. Fisrtly, I tried to modify the lightmap in real time, but I find this method is damn slow, (the frame rate drops from 140 to 1-2 fps) so I try to find an alternative way to do this. After I have asked several question in flipcode's Message Centre, I have learnt a method that projected a texture onto the walls in the 3D scene. This method is much faster, but the frame rate sill drops a lot ( from 140 to 80). So I was and I am still trying make it faster and faster. (Does anyone can give me some suggestions?)

Up to now, the project have been started about 2 months and there is only one man working on it (that was me :~), my 3D engine uses Direct3D and was developed using VC++ pro 6.0 . The 3D scene was created by 3D Studio Max 4.0 and then exported to Truespace's .cob binary format (this is the only file format I am familar with).

Here is the main feature of my engine:
  • BSP/PVS compilation
  • ray-traced lightmap (with static shadows)
  • dynamic lighting (the color, position and the range of the light can be modified in real time)
  • Truespace's cob binary file support.
  • Last but not the least, I would like to give a big big thanks to flipcode's message centre, it is really helpful. The guys there will always willing to answer your questions and give you a lot of useful suggestions.

    I am a student in Hong Kong, if anyone wants to get the demo of my 3D engine or (I wish) any company would like to employ me as a game programmer. please contact me. Here is my e-mail address

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