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This is a screenshot of our first released in-house game, FlipTrip. It's a simple puzzle game which involves rotating tiles to make same-color matches. There are three different gameplay modes which are completely different from one another and gobs of settings to further customize things. There's an internet-based high-score table integrated into the game so everyone can see what your high-score is.

...Now the dork stuff that y'all really want to hear about...
  • Developed by two programmers in 3 weeks.
  • Uses SDL for graphics, sound, music and windowing.
  • We used .tga files for all the images which compress quite well making the download size smallish.
  • Alpha-blending is used on all things not animating currently to make them purdy.
  • ~9,000 lines of code
  • "SoftwareKey" was used for the copy-protection. (Yes, you can probably crack it...please don't. :-)
  • Plays all types of mod-music files. (just drop them into the /Sounds/Music folder to add your own.
  • Nullsoft's installer was used to pack it up
  • You can grab a free demo of the game at our publisher's website. Give it a download and let me know what you think.

    If you're curious about us, our website is And before you ask, no I can't give out any screenshots of our Unreal-Engine powered game just yet. :-)


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