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This is an ingame screenshot of my game Rubix Cubix, of which is about 75% completed. It was written in Darkbasic. You can currently download the demo here: This is my first real gaming project, of which Ive learned a lot of techniques / algorithms / methods.

Do you love puzzle games? Do you enjoy beating your high score over and over again? So dont we - thats why we created this excessively addictive puzzle game. Dont be fooled by the screenshots into thinking this as a clone, there is only one similarity - addiction to playing it!

Please feel free to email me with any comments/suggestions/questions/ideas. I am open to suggestions and would love to hear from fellow game developers. I am new to the indi scene, so any pointers would be great. I am currently working on completing the game, and working on marketting the demo until its completed. Any suggestions as to publishers would be appreciated, currently Im looking into utilizing Dexterity.

I am utilizing MSCW technique for organizing the projects features. I put all bugs into the Must section as well as anything that will make my game worth playing. Most other ideas are tossed into the Should section. If anyone has any questions about this organization method or would like to use the databasing program Ive completed send me an email.

Back to the image... This image is one of many on: The game is currently about 1.5megs. The game utilizes the mouse to rotate around the central rubix cubix. The crosshair in the center of the screen selects individual blocks, right clicking wipes out touching colors of 3 or more. Horizontal rotation is not in the demo (to limit play somewhat). Left clicking on blocks put the rubix cubix into a rotating mode. You can rotate the layers similar to a rubiks cube. (of which is the only similarity between the two).

Tim Hackett

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