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These images show a ray casting engine I wrote last weekend (April 18-20). It was a fun and short project to simulate a laser striking some scene elements (right now only spheres). The engine uses SDL for input, timing, and graphics initialization, and OpenGL for the 3D acceleration. The first image shows a simulated laser emitter striking a large sphere, which in turn bounces a few rays off a second sphere. And the next, the large sphere is used as the emitter, which bounces rays off the second sphere. Camera controls behave very much like my controls for Quake in fly mode. These images show around 5000 rays each, and render at a friendly 20-30fps on my GeForce3. No optimizations have been bothered with as of yet, so scene complexity is still an evil O(n^2) issue. Not that it matters with only two scene elements.

- Aaron.

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