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Again, landscape stuff! These are some screenshots I took from a new program i am developing for learning purposes, named ShadowCaster. Its function is simply to create colormaps and lightmaps for a 256x256 terrain. Lightmaps are created using a raycasting technique: rays are shot from a definable light point to the borders of the heightmap.

The first four images show the integrated 3D viewer (uses OpenGL). The bottom-left shot shows a lightmap created with the "embossed" technique, while the bottom-right image shows a lightmap created using a cos-like function (i.e. the shadow intensity decreases with a cos function). The program is made in VB (for shorter dev time...)

These are the features of ShadowCaster:
  • Five shadow generation techniques
  • Two texture generation techniques
  • Four blending techniques (used to blend the shadowmap with the colormap)
  • You can set the position of the light emitter in any point of the map
  • Customizable shadow decay(length) and darkness
  • OpenGL 3D Viewer (needs a LOT of optimizations!!)
  • Currently limited to 256x256 maps :(
  • If you are interested in ShadowCaster, please come visit my web page at

    Loris Bognannni (glJakaL)

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