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This is a screenshot from the little intro "Durantro", which was presented at the Durango 2 demoparty in Spain. The intro is available in the downloads section of my web page, together with the Visual C++ 6 source code & project. Note that you will have to download MiniFMOD from the Firelight Multimedia web site, in order to recompile it. I think the source code is fairly well organised, even if not too feature-rich, and could serve as a starting point for people beginning to work with D3D 8.

The intro requires a Direct3D 8 - compatible 3D accelerator. Note that it also has to be the primary card, so users of Voodoo1 and 2 cards can't watch it. What can I say, we were in a hurry. :-) In fact, we only tested it on NVidia cards and the laptop's S3 whatever-it-is card.

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