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I know that this IOTD won't be interesting for almost all of flipcoders. And I will be pleased if more than ten posts will be returned. But I really want an image from my work to be shown, despite its low quality.

The image is a composition of my current work, CKCEd, a terrain editor for a train simulator (A boring final work at University). I just finished the texture generation for an elevation map, and here it is.

The image is composed by a top image and other four small captures itself. The top image shows a default view of the program working. Nothing evident here caused by the superposition of windows. With a texture definition window you can specify sixteen textures each one for a specific height/slope criteria. The height and slope ranges can be defined by trackbars. With a light definition window you define the three light components: ambient, incident and projected. The angle of incidence is defined by a click&move segment.

The four bottom images are the colored heightmap, the lightmap, the texturemap, and the modulation between the last two, for a case where the heightmap is 512x512, procedurally generated by a plasma algorithm (don't blame me for this), and slightly edited with my program. If someone recognizes the textures, don't worry about it, they were stolen from everywhere. Their combination is ugly and the result too. But it's my own mistake as a texturer guy.

The blending was done with a parametrized version of the sigmoid function: 1/(1+exp(A*(X-X0))). I think that the behaviour of this funtion makes it perfectly suitable for blending.

My program takes about five seconds in generate and show the final texture. Since my system is a PII440 and the test was done with a CBuilder++ 1 compilation in full debug mode, it doesn't seems to be very slow.

Planned features are railway edition (a simple set of segments, curved with a parametrized Hermite Interpolation), terrain modification to place the railway, entities management (buildings, trees, and so). Behind this project is the simulator that takes all the data created by the editor to build its levels. It's too soon to talk about the simulator, I think. The work is in a very early stage.

I don't find nothing more to say about that. I will be very pleased to read any comments and answer any question (assuming that there will be some comment or some question).

Saludos a todos.

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