Submitted by Respawn Games, posted on 24 April 2003

Image Description, by Respawn Games

Bubble Bomb is a highly addictive puzzle game brought to you by Respawn Games. This is our first game so we decided to start small and go with a traditional 2D game.

The game itself is written in BlitzBasic, which I cannot recommend highly enough for those looking for a fast, stable development environment.

For people looking to quickly develop games, Blitz really can't be beat. A quick example would be displaying an image on the screen. 4 lines ...

Graphics 640,480,32
id = LoadImage( "c:\texture.tga" )
DrawImage( id, 0, 0 )

This turns on the graphics screen, loads a texture, displays it and waits for a keypress before returning to the desktop. Simple and bloodless.

This game doesn't feature anything really fancy in terms of graphics tech but it plays smoothly, runs fast and the UI is solid. Pretty good for a first project!

You can download a demo of the game at You can also register and get the full version if you like what you see in the demo!

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