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This is a screenshot of the Flares Generator I wrote for the WorldMap 3D project. Nothing really special, just an utility to make flares creation easier.

The generator is scripted, and the final image is a result of glows and rays layers blending. Each layer has its own parameters, like color ranges and alpha transparency. It is possible to add any number of layers to compose the final flare. Preview and Production resolutions are configurable, so it can render the preview flares in realtime while they are being created, and then render in high resolution for the final image.

Although the screenshot shows only a few variations, in my testings I was able to create very different compositions, so I think it is actually a valuable tool, at least for me. =) It is quite easy to expand with new layer types, although for WorldMap just glows and rays were sufficient.

I need to finish some details here and there, before releasing it for downloading. As it is every time a great experience to post an IOTD at Flipcode, here it is.

Vander Nunes

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