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These are 2 screenshots of a 3D engine I've been working on in some spare hours since a few weeks. It is programmed in C++ and uses DirectX 8.1. It's not very fast yet, but there is still a lot of optimization to be done so it will probably get faster in the future. I'm still searching for some fast ways of extracting silhouettes.

  • Per Pixel Attenuation
  • DOT3 Bumpmapping
  • Stencil Shadow Volumes
  • Scripted Shaders
  • Map Converter for Q3Radiant maps
  • Motion Blur
  • Simple Particle System
  • Quake 2 Models
  • The lighting/shadows can be dynamic, but static lights are handled in a different way so they are faster. In the future I hope to add more features like curved surfaces, volumetric fog, spotlights and most important: visibility culling (probably a portal based approach). Also, a GeForce3 implementation could make it much faster because of the vertex/pixel shaders and extra texture units.

    More screenshots and a demo can be found at my webpage: or a direct link to the demo: (6.14 MB).

    The demo requires a GeForce or highter and DirectX 8.1. There are still some problems with z-buffer precision so you might see some cracks, and there is a small bug in the bumpmapping wich makes it look wrong in some cases, but I think I will be able to resolve this pretty soon.

    Finally, thanks to the guys in #flipcode on EnterTheGame for helping me.

    Dennis Meffert

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