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Here are some pics about H3D game system.Graphic system is mixed by a Bsp/Pvs/Portal in-door engine and a LOD-Quadtree.Well...It uses polygon soup from 3dsmax to construct solid space, but not from the solid brush editor like Quake and Unreal. The artist can add visibility portal by hand in 3dsmax if he can't understand how to build a good PVS environment. There is a massive multi-player net server behind it. H3D is written by C++/C . Opengl based. The Graphic System of Hardcore3D include:

H3D CULL (Hardcore3D Advanced Visibility Technology)
Elements :
  • dP(Dynamic Portal )
  • uB(Unlimited Bsp )
  • eP(Extact PVS )
  • hQ(Huge Quadtree)
  • iT(Indoor/Terrain Visibility tech)
  • eC(Efficiently Culling ) -
  • aW(Arbitrary World Construction )
  • H3D HPR (Hardcore3D High Performance Rendering Technology)
    Elements :
  • hR(High Performance Rendering Core)
  • hM(Highly Flexible Material Control)
  • hS(Highly Configurable Shader System)
  • H3D MAX WSWG (Hardcore3D MAX What You See What You Got)
    The H3D WSWG provides with a real-time rendered version of 3DSMAX scenes, models, textures and lights. The what-you-see-is-what-you-get elements includes models, shaders, diffuse map, opacity map, reflect map and bump map.

    H3D FIGHTING (Hardcore3D Advanced Skeleton Animation & Fighting System)
    The H3D fighting system implements all kinds of real-time fighting. With the implementation of skeletonal animation and hierarchical bounding volume collection detection, a precise judgment of injury can be made.

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