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Here are some screenshots of our completed Asteroids clone. I created it together with Leonard Schreur, who did the graphics. The gameplay is very alike Asteroids, maybe except for the "boss" stones :-)

We created it to get more practice in 3DS Max (Lenoard) and SDL and its related libs (me).

Some features:
  • Antialiased Sprites
  • Pixel-precise collision detection
  • (Cross) fading using alphablending
  • Technical: The game is programmed with C++, SDL, SDL_image, SDL_mixer and BFont.

    Because of all the pixel operations (antialiasing), and (on most hardware) non-accelerated alphablending, all rendering happens onto a software surface (all images also reside in system memory). After each frame, the software surface is copied to a hardware double-buffer, which is then flipped, so we still get synchronized blitting.

    For more information and downloads, please follow this link: (Please note: Windows version only!)

    Patrick & Leonard.

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