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If you know anything about Java, its that its really really slow with 3-d or any type of pixel graphics. I want to make games that are at least some-what playable on low-end machines, so I decided to use vector graphics. Theres very few vector engines in java (or any language for that matter) so why not make one.

The engine's be rewritten a couple times and resused in just about every game I've made. This game i started about a week ago and I've focused on making the code as modular as possible since the start.

  • True 3-d vector graphics
  • Mesh Morphing (top image)
  • Collision Detection
  • Mesh Explosion (takes a model and blows it apart into a million pieces)
  • Realistic AI (not the smartest, but feels like a person)
  • It's an action-strategy hybrid with an open-ended world. You can make money by completed missions or becoming a pirate, then you can upgrade your weapons,ship or even by AI controled teamates.

    Derek Jones

    If you want a copy then you can email me at:

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