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This is from a game demo I recently produced. The image really doesn't do it justice as in motion the fan turns causing a shadow to drift across the board (ala Carmacks reverse and some vertex shaders for shadow volumes), the green guys jiggle, and the lightning arcs nicely. The game is Antivirus and it's a basic puzzle game. I used its creation to try out Cg as well, so it makes use of some Cg vertex shaders. It took me about a week from concept to demo, including learning the ins and outs of Cg. Here's a quick rundown of the features:
  • Vertex Shaders : NVIDIA and ARB vertex program extensions through Cg
  • Dynamic textures : rendered real time with bound Pbuffers
  • Noise Deformation : deforms vertices over time via Vertex shaders
  • Vertex blending : creates smooth transitions between node states
  • Random Lightning : interesting & random arcs based on noise
  • Shadow Volume extrusion : dynamic via vertex shaders
  • Dynamic Shadows : Zfail/Carmack's reverse for robust shadows
  • Fullscreen glow : using Dynamic texturing
  • If you want to download it from the link below but be warned it requires you to download the Cg Compiler (10megs) from nVidia (link in the README.txt) and have a card that is supported (GF3+, Radeon 9200+).

    Usual disclaimers apply, feel free to send me comments. NOTE: The Cg scripts are plain text and compiled at runtime that's just how Cg likes it. I don't want to hear anything about poor commenting or formatting in them ;). Also don't try to learn from them I am an obfuscated coder and these were my first Cg scripts.

    and if you don't have the Card to run that version you can download the basic version which has all the gameplay with none of those nasty graphical candies (or instructions for that matter):

    Editor's note: If you're having trouble with the links above, the downloads are available here (831k) as well.


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