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These are some frame-grabs from my fun-project called BeatHarness. Basicly when going to (techno/trance) parties, I'm always staring at the VJ-screen thinking there could be something more than 2 vcr's and a mix-deck :) So I started working on my own 'automated' VJ-system (read: Winamp plugin :)), just for fun - and to show off the videobeamer I've bought 1.5 year ago ;-)

For simplicity I've used Winamp as the framework that gives me the audio-data, but it wouldn't be hard to make it a stand-alone app grabbing some sounds and performing some FFT's. Since I didn't want to hardcode the effects, I've used AngelScript as scripting-language to create the effects and transitions. I can't ever thank Andreas Jonnson enough, without AS BeatHarness wouldn't exist ! Furthermore thanks to Vincent Klop for writing most of the scripts. BeatHarness is completely script / content driven.

Features at the moment:
  • Effect scripts
  • Transition scripts
  • Image-textures, Video-textures (Avi, mpg, divx, whatever), Live camera input
  • feedback-grid-renderer ala Milkdrop / Geiss
  • enough draw-functions / renderstates / blendmodes that can be used from script - (textured) lines triangles, quads, sprites, grids, alphablend, add, multiply(2x) etc.
  • Sound-info variables for the script : basic Bass / midtone / treble, and a GetFrequencyRangeIntensity(float minFreq, float MaxFreq) function to get any freq-info you want.
  • Major ToDo 's :
  • Loading / rendering 3d-objects. Not that hard, but the script-interface has to be right the first time :) (Once people have written scripts using it, I can't tell them I've totally changed the interface :))
  • Plugins (for the plugin :)) so people can code custom effects doing whatever they like with D3D that the script doesn't. (Pixelshaders anyone ? :))
  • Once again, all this was actually pretty easy to implement using AS. I'm going through the last beta-tests now, but I expect to have BH available for download when this hits flipcode's IOTD :) Just keep checking :)


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