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You're currently seeing 4 screenshots from .kkrieger (beta), a game in 96k developed by .theprodukkt. Before I annoy you with loong and boring descriptions, best just download the file at and see for yourself, then continue reading (if it worked, which we hope :).

.kkrieger is a pure hobby project, produced in about 2 years of spare time mainly by 4 people: Thomas "fiver2" Mahlke, Dierk "Chaos" Ohlerich, Christoph "giZMo" Muetze, and me, Fabian "ryg" Giesen. About half a year ago Sebastian "wayfinder" Grillmaier and Tammo "kb" Hinrichs joined us to help out with the sound side of the experience :). It was released the past weekend at the "Breakpoint 2004" demoparty in Germany and ended up first place in the 96k Game competition.

Some technical details:
  • The game runs in 1024x768 resolution, in a 1024x512 window (convenient widescreen aspect ratio and rendertarget size :)
  • We do full perpixel lighting on everything, with realtime stencil shadowing (rendered at quarter resolution to reduce fillrate impact)
  • All Textures and Models are generated with procedural methods, and were made in our own editor, the "Werkkzeug3"
  • We have a character animation system featuring some basic IK, so the enemies can walk themselves.
  • The physics system is quite rudimentary, but fast and very simple (verlet integration based)
  • Advanced particle systems :) - well, we have a lot of parameters to tweak, we can attach particle emitters to arbitrary objects in the scene graph, we can let the physics system handle particles (though we currently don't), so I guess it's advanced enough.
  • A variety of postprocessing filters on the final rendered image, to make it all look shiny and smooth (or gray and strange as in the intro/menu)
  • It's still a beta, and the code is ridden with bugs, some causing dramatic slowdowns in certain circumstances, some causing the program to crash. We're working on it for the final version, promised :)
  • Refer to our soon-to-be-updated website for more details.

    Fabian "ryg" Giesen,

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