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Muli3D is a software-rendering API I've been working on in February. The aim was to create a software rendering library with support for vertex- and pixel shaders. Another goal was to provide interfaces which resemble Direct3D: Muli3D manages geometry data in vertex- and indexbuffers, allows render-to-texture operations and comes with a math-library containing functions for vector- and matrix-operations. Although texture-mipmapping isn't supported yet, point- and bilinear filtering are available.

The first screenshot shows a sample application that renders Quake 3 maps with textures and lightmaps. The program presented in the second picture renders textured wavefront obj-files; I've added some parts of its source code to the pic.

In case you're interested and want to have a look at the source code, just send me an email. - I haven't had the time to create a website and upload the library yet.

Stephan Reiter

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