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Here is screenshot of my cute little game called BeeCells3D.

Maybe some of you remember my last Image of The Day. It was posted on March 5th.

A lot of people enjoyed Mac version of BeeCells. One person wrote to me: "I've been playing BeeCells and put Warcraft III to one side for a while...."

Today I am showing to you 3D version of BeeCells for Windows. It took me few sleepless nights to make BeeCells3D. I wish a day has 36 hours. The goal is to arrange six or more balls of the same color together in a group. After balls are arranged they disappear. After each turn computer does put more balls on the board and your task becomes more difficult.

Nothing cutting edge here:
  • OpenGL rocks
  • MFC sucks
  • C++ is ok
  • In the future BeeCells3D will have some nice effects. Imagine chrome balls, furry balls, glowing balls, bumpy balls... I will finish basic version of BeeCells3D first and I will be adding effects one by one. It will be some kind of proving ground for new shaders effects.

    BeeCells3D is cross-platform and runs on MacOS 10 too. On MacOS 10 I use Objective-C++ to glue Cocoa and C++. (Objective-C++ is a very strange beast)

    You can download Windows version from my web site:

    I am going to post MacOS 10 version of BeeCells3D soon.

    Enjoy. It is free.

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