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The terrain size is 16 kilometers by 16 kilometers and the far plane is located 5 kilometers away of the camera. This map has more than 100,000 plants.

The terrain is a simple quadtree rendered using static LOD. The plants close to the camera are pre-lighted models with 2 LOD, when they are far away they are draw as impostors depending of the angle with the camera.

The water is simulated using 2 quads with the texture tiling and moving in opposite directions. The water reflection is rendered to a texture than later is blended with the water applying a vertical blur.

The Sky is formed by a semi-sphere with a gradient of color from white to blue than is blended with a clouds texture that fades to the fog color in the distance.

For more screenshots: (Mirror)

Also, there is a demo available for downloading where you can see more effects that those I have described: (Mirror)

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