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This is from our in development, realistic 3D adventure/shooter game. The key to finish the game is not killing everybody you see. You must talk to other NPC's, find&use items, plan your strategy and combat when neccessary.

We started developing 3TE Gaming Engine for our first 3D/Shooter game during past 3 months.We are trying to incorporate the latest technologies into 3TE. We are planning to use 3TE in our future projects.

We are a small team consisting of two people. One of us is currently working on game design and level design so we have only one person dedicated to  programming the engine and the game. Because of this, we are temporarily using Q3Radiant for our world modelling tool. So we also made Q3 BSP file loaders for testing engine features.

We also support Lightwave models for game objects. If needed, we will also make importers for other modelling packages like 3D Max, Maya, SoftImage etc.

The final engine will support all the features that are listed in our site in the Technology section. New features may be added by the time with your feedback and ideas.

3TE Team

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