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In the above image you can see the FireStarter 2000, which was developed by the Computer Structures and Systems Laboratory at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science, Ljubljana, Slovenia, for the Slovenian Ministry of Defense. Its main objective is open fire spread prediction, obtained through fuzzy logic evaluation, and is intended to be used by firemen on the field. The prediction is based on 800 simple, readable conditional clauses, which take into account wind direction, wind speed, fuel, slope, state of neighboring cells, and current state of the evaluated cell. All these parameters are described linguistically (little, average, very...). It is interesting that with such simple conditional clauses we get nearly 80% fit.

In the image the represented region is a 4500m x 6000m DMR with resolution 20m x 20m and 0.1m height accuracy, which makes 67500 cells. The white outline represents the actual fire final extents. The regions coloured red through yellow represent the predicted fire, depending on the fire strength in the cell, whereas the regions coloured blue through green represent the flammability of the cell. The whole process runs in real time on a PII 400, 256MB ram, with a GeForce256 DDR.

My part in the development of the program was the visualization and the fuzzy logic evaluation engine. The visualization is done in both DirectX and OpenGL. Currently there is no thorough description of the program on my web page but I am still giving it, because who knows ... keep trying:


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