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Hi all! Well, another raytracer. Something special on this one?? Not really, may be the ability to display big models. Up to 104 million models have been tested, running at several frames per second (with shadows) using 4 CPUs, in small windows :( . The raytracers works on Win32, Win64, Linux64 and MsDos 6.2/Vesa2.0 (32bit).

The image above is a render of a medium-small model (half million polys, from The ship moves at 0.6 fps on 1280x960 resolution, using a 3.4 Ghz Opteron. I hope I can reach two times that performance soon (still lot of work to do - I need to say this?).

There is support for textures (only bilinear right know) and some rudimentary shaders, as the ocean shader shown on the screenshot. That one uses 2 rays (additional to the primary one) for shadow and reflection. The shader of the ship is wrong right now, but you can maybe see some shadows on it.

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