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Here's a few shots of my one year old 2D game creator/editor, which I use to create mobile phone games with. I've used it for 13 games this past year, including platform games and vertical and horizontal shmups. I'm writing this because a version 2 of the editor package, and the engine for it, is being designed at the moment, and I'd like some suggestions and comments on parts of it. As you can see in these shots, the editors were made before I knew exactly how to use the Layouts in Java. :) Apart from what is shown in these shots, there is editors for creating maps, doing text boxes, for converting between different screen sizes and a general game properties editor.

The top picture is of the Object Editor. This is where you set the properties for all of the objects that should be in the game, objects like enemies, main bullets, enemy bullets, pickups etc. Properties include object type, collision type, what image and animations to use, background collision types and gravity settings. The new version of it will be a bit more complex than this and some parts of it will get their own editors.

The middle picture is of the Script Editor (scripts for object behaviour to be exact). Here you design (or rather implement) the object movement and behaviour using a few predefined commands together with a value, 8-bit assembler syntax. :)

The last picture is of the Adder Editor. And here's where I need your help with the new version of it. As it is now the engine can add (activate) objects into the world in three different ways:
  • Chart Based: When the screen (camera) reaches the start-position of the object.
  • Time Based: When the elapsed game time matches that of the object-appearing time.
  • Event Based: If a object script or the camera script activates a event, objects appears at their start positions. For each object to be added you specify what object, what behaviour script to use, the direction of the object and its position.
  • There is a fourth way an object can get activated and that is by another object (depending on what happens to the object, if it gets killed for instance). But this is handled by the object editor.

    So, my question for you all is, is there another way of adding objects into the world? Something really clever that everyone else is using except for me?


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