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Were a group of Argentinian Developers and this is one of one image from an application generated by our engine which called Impromptu Engine. This application is intended to be used as part of a distributed Fishing Training System. This is the 3D module, which works with a Commando Module and an Instructor Module, placed in other machines in a Net. The overlapped image is the ship's window viewer (just to indicate where the horizon is), and the back images are rendered scenes under two different weather situations: left image, a sunny day; background image, stormy day.

The engine is written in Delphi and works with OpenGL. It's our last project for Software Engineering degree, and we've been working on it during the last 18 months.

Our intentions are the rapid development of 3d scenarios based applications and the integrability via remote events with other systems.

Some of the features the engine includes are:
  • dynamic resource management (sounds, textures, models, etc),
  • events driven architecture,
  • graphics API independence (some bugs to fix, porting to DirectX);
  • weather management
  • default Engine renderer and models format provided (the user can change these classes)
  • Multitexturing, environment, blending zones, and other common ones
  • In the near future we`re adding the engine headers (DCU) and specific units (the ones for creating an example) in SourceForge.If you want this in your mail, send us a mail and then, your comments . =)

    Juan D'Amato - Cristian Garcia : Argentinian Developers & Programmers

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