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Hi, this is my first IOTD and after years of enjoying others' ones I hope to make you have fun with mine! These screenshots refer to my new game called "XeWeX". It's a modern version of on old Spectrum game called "Xeno" (not Xenon!). It's easier to play it than explain, but think of it as a mix between hockey, billiard and something else. Try it and after a few matches you'll enjoy it very much! So I hope :) About the tech: there's no hyper-pixel-vertex-terrain-shading-shadowing technique because I tried to achive a good gameplay and a pretty toon-like graphics. Hope to add some cool effect in the next release. Here are the features:

1) IT'S FINISHED!!! Only ONE month of development including graphics and music
2) GUI system (several months of development); it's much more powerful than you can see in this game; LUA scripting support
3) Nice AI, but still needs improvements (it has only three strategies)
4) Very simple, but very cool skybox
5) Night and day game mode!
6) Cubic splines for camera paths
7) Particle system (needs improvements)
8) Input library supports mouse, keyboards and joysticks (not used in this game)
9) Efficient event-driven game engine
10) Easily expandible with new arenas and logos!
11) Oh sure... OpenGL, ODE (for physic), SDL...
12) Last but not least... IT'S FINISHED!!! I still can't believe it! :))

I released the first beta version (0.9) and you can download it from

Only game sources are available, but I have to re-organize the other libraries (input, gui, utils) to make them public. So you can't compile it yourself, but maybe you could learn something. Sources are also commented (not so heavily :) ) A Linux version is under development.

Please read the README file before running the game, there are useful tips to configure and play it.

That's all... download it and let me know what you think about it!!! All kind of critiques are accepted!

Bye Bye
Marco Bancale

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