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This is a screen grab of an isometric, OpenGL rendered 2D dungeon-hack/maze-crawler I'm calling ShadowLands. Based (roughly) on a largely abandoned graphical rogue-like I was once coding called OGRESlash, this new iteration moves from turn-based to real-time Diablo-style gameplay. It includes several types of randomly generated mazes, including outdoor groves, fields, caves, and towns.

ShadowLands represents a new step in 2D for me, in that I've discovered the wonders and pleasures of Blender as a 2D art generation tool, and no longer have to content myself with blotchy, smeary artwork hand drawn with the Gimp. Zeke (the moving statue with the lightsaber) has the dubious distinction of being my first rude attempt at character modelling and animation using Blender, and so is cursed with stilted movement and a gimp leg, not to mention an unnatural stiffness of the spine, skin that looks like marble, and a large set of donkey ears.

My set of usable artwork at present is pretty sparse, and although OGRESlash was fairly mature, ShadowLands is severely broken in terms of functionality, as I've been forced to re-write large portions from scratch to accomodate the switch from turn-based to real-time, and from straight-on view to isometric. But between work, real-life, and sleep/mealtimes/showertimes I am slowly but steadily making progress.

No website up yet-- not until I have more to show and am ready to release a version for download.

Currently, I am developing under Linux and SDL/OpenGL, and while I haven't tried a Windoze port, I plan to include such a port in the future, when I've had a chance to blow the dust off my old Windoze box.

Please feel free to email me with any comments or criticisms. (Just try not to be too hard on poor Zeke. He suffers from enough severe emotional and self-esteem problems as it is. :)

(Josh Tippetts)

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