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Heres a screenshot of my current engine ive been working on for the past year or so.

The core of the engine is based on a BSP tree, and the geometry is imported from .map files that are generated by Worldcraft. Ive written my own set of tools that parse the .map files, create faces for all the brushes, remove all the illegal geometry (i.e. faces that are in solid space, overlapping faces, etc...), calculate the BSP tree and finally perform lighting calculations using simple point lights.

I still have a quite a bit of work to do culling more geometry out of the data set by removing all the faces that are outside of the level, but once i get some code to generate portals this should be a trival task. Once all that is done ill start working on code to generate a PVS and use it to render the scene rather than traversing the bsp tree each frame.

The rendering portion of the engine isn't very optimized right now, and for a reason. Currently im focusing on getting the core engine stuff working, things such as the BSP/PVS code, a better lighting model which may include a switch to radiosity, and collision detection. I did run a small benchmark on the engine running on a P3-1Ghz/Geforce2 setup and i got 160fps with the level shown here (around 900 polys). I expect that once I do rewrite the rendering engine ill get at least 500fps or so. I may in the future release a demo, once i fix up the code to work on various graphics cards other than nvidia's.

This engine is being developed to handle the indoor dungeon scenes for a Everquest type game im working on.

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