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This is a screenshot from a game that I helped develop at my school. It may not be a beautiful terrian engine, but it is a pretty fun game. :] It's a top-down shooter where players battle in enclosed arenas. Gathering weapons and shooting your enemies up what it's all about. Good clean fun.

The game itself took about four months to develop. We had a solid process of game design documentation to technical documentation before we started coding. The game features a rhobust 2D engine, and some challenging computer controlled opponents to battle against. The game is also multiplayer over a LAN, but does not perform well over the internet unfortunately.

If you'd like to check out the game it's about 22MB, but well worth it.
There is currently no instruction manual to download but hopefully soon there will be.

On a side note; we had no real artists working with us to develop the game, so it is not as graphically impressive as we'd like it to be. It's all about gameplay. ;] Have fun!

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