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A spattering of screenshots from the sample programs of my new book, Special Effects Game Programming With DirectX 8.0, available for USD$50 wherever fine game programming books are sold.

This 913 page book contains complete code and tutorials for 13 commercial-quality effects:
  • Fire (lower-right screenshot)
  • 2D Water
  • Image Feedback (lower-left screenshot)
  • Image Warping
  • Clouds
  • Image Manipulation (Blurring, Sharpening, Edge Detection)
  • Transitions (cross-fades, wipes, melts, and more)
  • Advanced Particle Systems (driven by a scripting language)
  • Explosions (upper-left screenshot)
  • Guns and Projectiles (middle-left screenshot)
  • Lens Flares (middle-right screenshot)
  • 3D Water (upper-right screenshot)
  • Vertex and Pixel shader effects
  • Also included are chapters and sample programs covering ALL of the new DX8 features (audio scripts, shaders, DirectInput action mapping) as well as some advanced C++ techniques.

    Full-sized versions of these screens (and other sample programs!) can be found on the book's product page.

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