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Here's a shot of a game that started out as a Direct3D learning experience. It was written in Visual C++ using many useful functions from the D3DX utility library. Also some of the art and sounds were taken from the DirectX SDK (most of you will probably recognize the 3D models). Basic Direct3D features (nothing fancy here) were used including multitexturing, spherical environment mapping, 2 pass back-to-front sorted alpha blending, specular and diffuse lighting, full scene antialiasing and lots of polygons. I wouldn't recommend running this game on anything less than a GeForce2 GTS. On my development system, PIII733 w/GF3, it sustains 60fps and can have as many as 100,000+ polygons on screen at once. Some textures can be as large as 1024x1024 so be sure your card can support it should you decide to play the game. The game is based loosely on an old classic vector graphic arcade game from the 80's called Rip Off. Basically you defend 10 fuel pods from waves of incoming pirate ships. The 13mb freeware game and more screen shots can be found at (DSL connection).


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