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This is a screenshot of my rigid body simulator. I wrote this application to get into physics-programming and to understand the basic kinematic/dynamic behaviours. Fortunately I was able to work on this project as a school-project (so I got some more time and a pretty good mark, hehe :-). I only implemented 2d simulation because this makes things much easier and I hadn't too much time to code it. I also wrote a paper about the simulation basics (math) and some implementation notes, but as I'm from switzerland, it's written in german. At the current state, the application has the following features:
  • needs Windows / OpenGL
  • quite "user-friendly" GUI
  • load/save scenes
  • shape-editor
  • linear/angular motion (euler integration)
  • force-fields (linear, like gravity, and concentric, to simulate solar-systems)
  • springs (with damping)
  • collision detection (for convex shapes only)
  • You can download the binaries, the source and the paper (in german) from I also wrote a small "user manual" to help you playing around with this simulator. Please go and download the application because the beauty of this software is motion, and that's lost in a screenshot ;-)

    Hope you enjoy it . . .

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