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This is a screenshot of my school project, an opengl 3D game that looks like Super Mario 64 from Nintendo.

Technically, I use a BSP only for collision detection with the world and a sphere/sphere collision between the moving object. As there are not many faces (around 1500 by scene) I don't use any clipping algorithm, I just send all the faces and that's pretty fast even on my tnt. The object are simple mesh (3ds) or animated mesh (own format) using interpolation (like MD2). I use directx for sounds, musics, and input.

As you can see I've managed to rip the original textures and even the meshes from the Rom :) so the first level is exactly the same as in the original game, and the mario mesh also (excepted the face which is my teacher's one jsut for fun :)

Only one bad thing, the physics sucks and the collision detection are still not working quite well but I'll try to improve that. You can download the game at and if you can read french I also explain everything about the developpement.on the website.


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