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I am currently working on a piece of software that creates evolutionary art. It works by creating a number of images and letting the user select which one(s) finds most interesting and wants to mutate or mate to create a new generation of images.

The program features a separate render mode which lets the user zoom in on areas that look interesting and render images with higher quality settings. You can naturally save the images or save the expressions that created the images.

You have full control of the mutation rate, number of offspring, initial complexity and various other parameters.

The images above are all created with the latest version of the software.

You can download an alpha version from

Some techie stuff:

The system works be evaluating and modifying a random expression tree. At the moment there are ~40 different diadic and monadic functions functions that the system chooses from. The functions range from simple addition to 4D fractals. Throughout the evaluation all values are 3vectors, although internally some functions turn them into quaterions before passing them on to the next function in the expression tree.

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