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This is my first real games project.

Initially I intended Internet capabilities and a great AI engine. Off course this was way too much for a first time project. I guess I fell into the trap a lot of 'first timers' make. Fortunately I released the error of my way and concentrated on just finishing the game (which is what I present here eh - well its about 99% finished). I've learnt quite a few lessons whilst developing Bomberman here's a few of them:
  • Think small and progress from there. You're never going to produce a AAA title from your first attempt. Just think of it as a learning experience.
  • There is light at the end of the tunnel - just stick with it.
  • Comment your code!
  • Finish your project.
  • There are loads more but that would take all day ...

    If you would like to view the source just give me a shout.

    You may download the Bomberman clone at:

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