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Most of the IOTD postings are high-tech graphics engines using the latest graphic hardware, OpenGL/Direct3D APIs etc. We already made a posting like that about our PC game called FreeGen. Now this is something special :) Maybe some of FlipCode's readers don't know (or remember) the time when floating point calculations were a restricted area for realtime graphics. That was the time when 286/386 ruled the world - the time of fixed-point calcs, raycasters and direct video-RAM access.

This is the latest project of Garga Games (division of FreeGen developer Dimension Design): 3-D game for low-power PDAs. It's a "3-D", not "3D" because it's a special case of 3D environment. The screenshots are from the version for CASIO PocketViewer.

Here are some details of this computer:
  • V30 processor (i80186 compatible) running at 20MHz (which means good old 64KB segmentation);
  • 160x160 pixels with 1-bit "color" depth ;) touch-screen;
  • 4MB or 6MB flash memory (used as RAM sometimes) and 128KB RAM for dinamic application loading (where actually the application runs);
  • Casio OS developed by Casio specially for Pocket Viewer family of PDAs;
  • The game is coded 100% in C (without any ASM to be more portable), and has really optimized code to run in realtime on computer like this one. The code dosn't contain a single float or double calculation. The engine uses raycasting for walls (like Wolfenstein 3-D) and projection/scaling for sprites. The game has some interesting features like pseudo-lighting effects (in 2 colors ?!?!) using two models of every texture (dark and light). The game also contains the Garga Ball virtual analogue controller, designed especially for pen-based computers.

    You can download and try the demo version at the Garga Games website, - if you have a PocketViewer, of course! :)

    Jordan Tuzsuzov
    Programmer of Garga Games

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