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This is my first IOTD. It shows some 2D meshes generated using the technique of incremental Delaunay Triangulation using my test app. You can obtain an interactive version of this app from It will allow you to see 2D meshes of the entire WingDings font set under Windows. These meshes are generated solely from the contour info (points, edge segments) contained in the WingDings.TTF file.

On the tech side, I use a variation on the Half-Edge Data Structure to manipulate the topology of the mesh. I also use a novel technique (as far as I know, 'cuz I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere in the literature) to generate the constrained edges once the initial unconstrained triangulation is made.

After messing around with other 2D mesh-generation techniques, I found incremental Delaunay to be the most elegant approach.

Jason Wood

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