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Hi there Flipcoders,
My IOTD from September, 17, 2000 featured old ICE snapshots. Here are brand new ones.

- The first row shows 3 pics from a Quake-like world. No special features there, just the engine warming up.

- The two first pics from the second row show the rigid body simulator in action. That one is currently simple, using convex polytopes only and shameful penalty methods. Anisotropic lighting and shadow volumes make the first snapshot more attractive. On the second one nonetheless, you can notice the nice trails showing the path of one of the cube's vertex. The first version (not the best, I must update that zip) is still available here:

- The third row begins with a purely eye-candy effect: realtime glow. On the left you can see a dynamic procedural texture (Perlin turbulence), used on the right to make the glow nicer. To do this I just compute the silhouette of the cylinder (using the same code as for shadow volumes) then extrude it in a radial way. Dumb, looks nice, what the hell ?

- The bumpy sphere is a test of displaced subdivision surfaces, as presented by Hugues Hoppe (SIGGRAPH2000) and Tom Forsyth (WGDC2000). I use the Butterfly scheme, even if this is useless here. The displacement map is a simple noise map. Don't miss Tom's presentation, here:

- Last but not least, the lady is an attempt to mix several techniques together: skinning, progressive meshes, subdivision surfaces, IK, cloth and hair simulation and cool shaders. Coding those techniques separately is not "too difficult", but actually making them work together can be *very* painful... Work in progress. There's about 200.000 faces in the model, which explains the somewhat low framerate (on a Celeron 500Mhz + GeForce) .... You can also have a closer look there:

As always, everything was exported from MAX with Flexporter


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