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I’m really pleased; I’ve finally got my ‘contrail’ particle system working perfectly! =)

This system was giving me lots of grief; basically, it’s a particle-system model of a rocket trail, or contrail. I was having difficulty making the particle system move with the ship and render convincingly at all times - stuff life turning 360 degrees on the spot used to cause the system to show itself for what it really is, i.e. a bunch of dots, instead of a smooth flame effect… anyhow, the images show a ship with two ‘contrail’ emitters; they spin round with the ship – you can draw double-helix trails in the sky with them! =) I’m going to do something similar for the weapons system (this ship would be very cool with the weapon spinning round – with four weapon emitters very far apart).

There’s probably ~2000 pointspirtes in these piccies and that hurts the framerate pretty bad of course, but what better way to use my new GF3?! Next up on my never ending list of things to do is:
  • Enemy ships
  • Powerups
  • Mines
  • BIG weapons
  • Prettier water
  • Reflections + Shadows
  • … it never ends.


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